Hear The Silent Cries* (AA)

Project Description

Cassandra is a wildlife biologist for the zoo who wants to find out what happened to a baby monkey. She meets Jesse, a doctor in a hospital emergency room who leads a double life. One week he saves the lives of people who are the victims of car accidents, drive-by shootings and drug overdose. The next week he’s the leader of the “Animal Liberation Front”, whose mission is to also save  lives:  the lives of animals, both domestic and wild, that are brutally sacrificed in research experiments. Together they’ll lead the charge to save the animals that have no hope; who cannot cry out for help. Based in Los Angeles and inspired by true events, “Hear The Silent Cries” is a sobering story of an overlooked tragedy; the senseless killing of animals for the sake of “scientific knowledge”. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jon Brekke. Consultant: Todd Fineman. Pages: 136.

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