Half Filled Jars Of Fate (C)

Project Description

Troy Tremaine is a gifted artist whose work is always covered with a dark sheen, a symbol of his grief over having accidentally caused the death of a woman when he was a little boy. Because of this, his life becomes a manic existence as visions keep coming back to haunt him. In an effort to deal with his problems, he attends a motivational seminar where he meets up with two other attendees who eventually help him find the daughter of the woman who died. But instead of bringing him closure, Troy falls in love and inadvertently proposes to her, which brings him to his greatest dilemma, how does he tell the woman he is about to marry that he killed her mother? A quirky, yet ultimately heartwarming comedy, “Half Filled Jars Of Fate” is a story of coincidences bringing about true love. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 136.

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