Grab (CR)

Project Description

Late at night two men, Steve and Chris, break into a country home of a “genius hacker,” whose computer programs for stealing from online accounts is said to be legendary. Their mission is interrupted when a woman, Andrea, enters the house. The men subdue her and tie her up and wonder who she is and figure she is the hacker’s wife. Later in the night, while Chris is outside, Steve continues to work on the laptop, Andrea coughs behind the rag that is tied around her mouth. He rushes around the counter and takes the gag from her mouth. They go on to talk. Steve explains to her that he and Chris are there to take something from her husband, and explains that he has hacked into more banks and stolen more money than anyone he knows. Andrea has no idea of his clandestine activities. Steve volunteers that he and Chris intend to steal her husband’s hacking programs and sell it on the dark web. Chris returns inside and starts to pick up Andrea with the intention of heading her out the door, where he intends to kill her and takes out a gun. Reacting in an instant, Steve reaches for the gun and the two struggle until the gun fires and Chris slumps to the floor, dead. Shocked, Andrea gasps, “What the hell did you just do?” Steve tells her he’ll finish up and then they can get the hell out of there. But in going back to the computer he notices that the screen saver shows what he deduces is the genius hacker and another woman. “Wait,” Steve squints, “You’re not his…”, and before he can finish his statement, Andrea shoots him with the gun that Chris had intended to use on her. In the morning, Andrea, her clothes soiled after having buried both Chris and Steve, is on her cell phone talking to her father in Spanish, telling him that the operation hadn’t been easy but that everything is going to plan. She ends her call and arrives at a car where her sister, Natalia, is standing by the trunk, and they speak in Spanish. Andrea asks her, “Did you make the grab?” Natalia tells her of course she did. They smile and the mystery of “Grab” will continue in the next segment to be filmed. “Grab” is an anthology centering around a hacker’s computer program that can steal millions from online accounts and the cast of characters who would do anything to possess it. Writer: Mark Ganialongo. Pages: 12.

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