Finding Li (C) (D)

Project Description

When four men in Beijing, China attend the routine signing of an old Chinese man’s last will and testament, they have no idea that this will eventually thrust them into a surreal adventure that none of them could have ever imagined. For during this meeting the old man instructs the men to go to Hawaii and take in a number of travel tours, during which he contends they will find his long lost first love – a young Chinese woman who he had met during a glorious summer vacation when he was in college 75 years ago – who he will bequeath his entire estate to. Of course, what could be written off as just the mere fantasy of a feeble old man gets very complicated. For first, he gets each of the men to personally “promise” that they will fulfill his request, and second, he subsequently dies right there in front of them. The experience alters their destiny and compels the men to go on what some would call a “wild goose chase.” For with only a single photo of the man and his love, and the fact that her first name was “Li,” they proceed to travel to some of Hawaii’s most iconic tourist sites looking for a sign that will lead them to the woman. A hilarious comedy, “Finding Li” follows the exploits of four Chinese tourists, who in searching for a mysterious woman, will also find themselves. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 120.

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