For Diana (D)

Project Description

The story of filmmaker Jeff Katts and his friendship with aspiring actress, Diana Garigin, whose life was tragically cut short by leukemia at age 19. Told in flashback, young Diana appears for an audition call to a play that centers around Katts’ universe of film characters where angels battle demons, and is not only cast, but becomes an integral part of producing the play. This leads to him casting her in a lead role in a prospective film project which becomes a dream come true for Diana. But amidst all this she is already battling the deadly disease and yet does not let it get her down and urges others not to feel sorry for her. She becomes an inspiration to Katts and everyone she touches and when she passes she is mourned by many at her funeral. Utilizing real life video footage and photos of Diana taken by Jeff when she was alive, “For Diana” is a poignant tribute to a beautiful young woman who everybody loved and who left this earth way too soon, and about a man committed to telling the world of her goodness. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jeff Katts. Consultant: Mark Ganialongo. Business Associate: Mercy Garigin. Pages: 81.

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