Footsteps In The Floors (H)

Realtor Curtis Birngard has had an office on the first floor in a building in the historical section of Old Sacramento for years. But as his job entails being on the road a lot and meeting clients, he hasn’t had occasion to question whose kids it is that always run back and forth in the hallways above whenever he’s in. Then as fate would have it, a twisted ankle forces him to catch up on paperwork and gives him the opportunity to venture upstairs to introduce himself. But what he discovers totally perplexes him. Other people hear the footsteps but no one seems to know where it comes from. Soon, he and other employees in the building are teaming up to try and solve the mystery of the children who are often heard but never seen. A ghost story inspired by real life events, “Footsteps In The Floors” suggests that spirits exist in a realm very near to ours, and that “crossovers” to our everyday lives, happen more often than we think. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 74.