Flying Tiger* (W) (B)

Project Description

The true story of Long Qiming (aka Eddie Long), whose young life in Hong Kong is changed forever when on December 8th, 1941, the Japanese bomb the city and war begins. He is forced to leave his family, wander the mainland of China where he is witness to the atrocities of the Japanese Imperial Army (for which he eventually learns that his parents and sister are killed), and by a stroke of fate eventually finds himself as a recruit with the American Volunteer group where he trains to be a fighter pilot with the famed “Flying Tigers.” After getting his wings he and others in his class are assigned to fly the treacherous “Hump Route,” a 500 mile flight path over the Himalayas which is vital to the war effort, but so fraught with dangers that it is dubbed “The Death Route.” He becomes an accomplished flyer and is eventually “promoted” to the bomber squadron where he gets to fight the Japanese directly, and to eventually achieve the revenge and redemption he has sought. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Consultant: Melvin Choy. Business Associates: China-America Business Connections (C-ABC). Pages: 130.

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