Filho De Bimba* (AA)

Project Description

San Francisco is the setting for this action drama centering on Filho De Bimba, a school that teaches the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. Antoinette, the ex-wife of Capoeira master, Jao, becomes the object of desire for a motorcycle gang when she cuts in front of them on her way to work.  She is saved by Drama, a talented but troubled student at the school. Their growing affection for each other brings discord among followers of Jao and threatens the very existence of the school. But the true spirit of Capoeira is revealed when everyone unites to fight the real enemies of the school, the motorcycle gang hell bent on revenge. More than just a martial arts movie, “Filho De Bimba” is a winning story about love, courage and honor that will have audiences cheering! Writers: Pierre-Richard Olivier, Eric Nemoto. Pages: 126.

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