Elvis Is Alive And Well And Living In Opelousas, Louisiana (C)

Project Description

A burnt out San Francisco reporter takes a vacation by driving to New Orleans. On the way he stops at a restaurant for lunch, where he meets what appears to be an Elvis impersonator. As he laughs along with the crowd, he notices that everyone else in the place treats the man like the King himself. The situation being too surreal to pass up, he decides to spend his vacation writing about this crazy town that honestly believes Elvis never died, but in fact faked his death to lead a normal life. As the days pass, he finds his own belief increasing that the man before his eyes actually “is” Elvis! A wonderful, quirky comedy for all ages, “Elvis Is Alive And Well, And Living In Opelousas, Louisiana,” promises to be a hit with all audiences, whether they are Elvis fanatics or not. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 118.

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