Dust Devils (SF) (H)

Project Description

In a post-apocalyptic world a truck drives across a barren landscape, frantically running from a creature that defies description. The man and woman inside the truck find their way to a farm run by a couple who have managed to turn their property into a veritable oasis after an event that obviously has transformed the world. The couple let the man and woman into their home for protection and respite. The following morning, while parting ways, they are attacked by the creature who appears to be some kind of devil-like humanoid that is the result of the life-changing event that happened years before. But as surreal as the creature’s existence is, after it is dispatched, the more haunting realization settles in. There are more of them. And as each human casualty takes place, another demon seems to appear. A science fiction thriller about terror in a world beyond the nuclear holocaust, “Dust Devils” will cause audiences to think twice whenever they are traveling alone across a vast and unpopulated territory. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jon Brekke: Pages: 48.

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