Dream Saviour (SF)

Project Description

Ex-drug addict Tony is just getting his life settled when he experiences the surreal  arrival of angels who tell him he’s been chosen by God to wage a battle with a demon in a game for the soul of his best friend Bernard. But the fight proves to be one-sided as Bernard is physically deteriorating and the demon refuses to show himself. Through all this, Tony’s sole supporter is his loyal girlfriend Amy, who steadfastly believes him when he says he has been thrust into a deadly game with the Devil. But if the demon is nowhere to be found how could he be winning? It is then that the terrifying truth is revealed. The demon is influencing Bernard through his dreams and worst of all the evil being turns out to be Amy, who is actually the fetching but deadly she-demon Lamia! A story of the ongoing war between good and evil, “Dream Saviour” is yet another exciting story from the “Soul Saviour Chronicles.” Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jeff Katts. Pages: 97. Note: Has been produced as a stage play.

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