Dragon Tomb (SF)

Project Description

Dragon Tomb follows archaeologist Peter Arnaux, who thinks he has hit the mother lode of career opportunities when he’s invited to be a part of a dig in China, which he believes is about discovering the long lost burial site of Genghis Khan. But what the project team ultimately unveils to him goes well beyond his disbelieving mind and wildest imaginations. For deep in a cave within the Altai Mountains, what has been unearthed are the remains of what appears to be an authentic 90-foot dragon. After the euphoria settles and everyone begins to excavate the greatest find of the millennium, Arnaux will come across the most amazing discovery of all. The dragon’s bones are no more than 60-years-old! An intellectual thriller, Dragon Tomb provides a theory on how facts turn to legends that eventually turn into myths. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 79.

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