Dr. Kim (H) (T)

Project Description

Amidst the swaying palms of a small offshore island, a beautiful woman realizes her oasis is a façade. Her weekend rendezvous with her dermatologist is turning into a psychological nightmare. Known only as kind Dr. Kim, the man reveals himself to be a control freak with a deep and pervading hatred for women. As his actions escalate from the eccentric to the absurd, she concludes that he is a man deeply disturbed and capable of violent and sadistic tendencies. To survive, she must fight back and somehow find a way off of this desolate island. A psychological thriller that takes place on Chinaman’s Hat (Mokoli`i Island, Oahu, Hawaii), Dr. Kim will have audiences looking over their shoulders the next time they walk along a bright, sandy beach alone. Writers: Jon Brekke, Eric Nemoto. Pages: 64.

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