Daughters Of Vlad (SF)

Project Description

Three women share more than an upscale Manhattan apartment. They all possess mysterious powers that somehow begin to appear. Jaclyn starts to sense things before they happen, Alicia finds that she can make objects levitate, and Eva begins to crave the taste for human blood. And if that is not enough, they trace their heritage to that of the executioners of one of history’s most infamous monsters, “Vlad The Impaler”, the inspiration for the legendary Dracula. Things get really hairy when they discover that the evil Vlad has returned from the dead to exact his revenge on the last descendants of the men who killed him five hundred years before…our three heroines.  A thriller that pits modern feminine mystique against eternal evil, “Daughters Of Vlad” will be the latest date night hip horror flick of the new millennium. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 119.

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