Damned Oasis (SF) (H)

Project Description

A family vacations in Hawaii. Their idyllic plans are altered when people start dying mysteriously. Things become even stranger when the parents turn in for the night in bustling Waikiki, only to wake up the next morning to find the iconic tourist mecca a ghost town, their twin sons having disappeared, and the most surreal part – it is nine months later. But their predicament pales next to the actual reality. A maniacal doctor working for the CDC had created a lethal disease from a strain of the Bubonic Plague and after unleashing it on the island of Oahu, has transformed paradise into a veritable Hades complete with the walking dead. A zombie movie with political overtones, “Damned Oasis” is a fresh, new science fiction horror flick, done in the old fashioned B-movie style, that will surely bring out the “monster” in all of us! Writers: Eric Nemoto, Patrick Guanzon. Pages: 110.

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