Crossover (SF) (SP)

Project Description

A high school coach is mired in a four year losing streak. This is extremely disappointing particularly since back in the days when the school was a basketball powerhouse, he was the team’s best player and his coach, his late father, was considered the school’s all-time best. Resigned to the fact that the prodigal son will never live up to all of the high expectations, the school advises him that one more loss and a new head coach will be hired. But in the midst of this ultimatum, a strange visitor arrives to be his assistant coach. He parts his hair down the middle, wears clothes from the early 1900’s, and goes by the name of Ernest Blood. But in addition to these curious traits, there is also something absolutely surreal about him. For Ernest Blood was one of the first great basketball coaches who coached over a hundred years before. And when this stranger starts to convey his knowledge and experience, the coach finds something amazing;  the man seems to know his stuff and the team starts to win! A movie ultimately about redemption, forgiveness, and love; it will also bring to the screen one of the great unheralded sports stories of all time – the legend of Ernest “Prof” Blood and his Wonder  Teams of New Jersey’s Passaic High School, winners of 159 consecutive high school basketball games. A record that still stands today! Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 130.

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