Closing Costs (D) (P)

Project Description

Yuka has a lot going on in her life. She still grieves for the loss of her mother, but is focused on finding a way to sue the hospital whose negligence she believes caused her death and also left her with an enormous debt owed. In addition, her job as a realtor is not going well as she has not sold a house in months, something she attributes to the devious doings of the hospital president who has propositioned her to work off the amount she owes by sleeping with him; an act he has consistently arranged with other women over the span of twenty years. Knowing he is a sexual predator she is determined to expose his true nature and in doing so discovers there is an even larger conspiracy. He has brokered a macabre partnership with a mortuary wherein the organs from patients who have died at the hospital are harvested before the bodies are cremated for the president to sell on the black market. A story that takes many turns before arriving at its conclusion, “Closing Costs” is a bizarre but adventurous drama thriller. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 120.

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