Class Of 34 (D) (R)

Project Description

Driven for hours in a car and van respectively by their grandchildren, former classmates John and Mary are en route from separate locations to what will most likely be their final class reunion. As they travel across the country, we hear the voices from their past that replay in their minds. They recall the night of their high school graduation, and then the preceding six reunion celebrations that have preceded this special day. Now, both 88 years of age, they are the final members of their high school class and the old gym that used to host each reunion no longer exists. Still, they feel compelled to meet each other in order to say what must be said before they pass away. That although they will have seen each other only seven times in the last 70 years, they have always loved each other. Told a mostly through voiceover and b-roll, “Class Of 34” is a unique and timeless love story for the ages. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 69.

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