Chilopoda (SF) (H)

Project Description

Four couples vacation in beautiful Hana, Maui, and get off to a rocky start when the only hotel there is closed for fumigation. Things get worse when they find the town is infested with Chilopoda Scolopendra, a particularly large and nasty type of arthropod.  When the weird caretaker pays more attention to these pests than his potential guests, the gang decides to move their retreat elsewhere.  But cars that break down and roads that get washed out stymie their exit.  As they wait in limbo, they arrive at the horrifying conclusion that they’ve been lured to this supposed haven not as guests, but as prey… for thousands of man-eating centipedes! “Chilopoda” promises to become the next big “body count” horror flick, and may make Loggins and Messina’s “Lahaina” (“…the centipede he crawl all over your feet”) the revival hit song of the year! Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jon Brekke. Pages: 109.

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