Captain Of The Cornelia Marie (T) (SF)

Project Description

At the start of the crab fishing season, an Alaskan crab boat comes upon a man floating unconscious in the freezing Bering Sea. After the man is pulled out, he’s found to be miraculously alive. The initial elation turns to apprehension when the crusty crab boat’s captain is perplexed to find out that none of the other crab boats are missing anyone. Eventually he comes to suspect that the man is the ghost of the captain of a ship that was lost forty years before. But ghost or not, he’ll need all the help he can get when the seas turn angry and his boat enters a ferocious storm. An action movie that combines realistic ocean scenes with a haunting mystery about the undead, “Captain Of The Cornelia Marie” is the story of the redemption of  two  captains.  One of  whom  happens  to be alive. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 77.

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