Calvin’s Window* (D) (R)

Project Description

A Hawaii woman, Marie Kaneshiro, fights to receive compensation from the employer of her husband Calvin, who died of cancer caused by radiation exposure while working in the Pacific during the atomic bomb testing years of the 1950’s. In this drama based on Marie’s real life experiences, we follow both her and Calvin as their separate lives eventually unite, their marriage that would go on to last “twenty great years,” their fight against the Leukemia that is traced back to Calvin’s years in the Marshall Islands, Calvin’s inevitable death, and Marie’s continuing court battles that seem insurmountable. A moving tale of personal hardship endured through a deep abiding faith in God, “Calvin’s Window” is above all a poignant love story about two soul mates forever in love. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Consultant: Marie Kaneshiro. Business Associate: Marie Kaneshiro. Pages: 118.

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