Beowulf (SF)

Project Description

Based on the fabled English literature, this is the 6th century tale of a legendary Scandinavian. Twelve years at the mercy of the hideous monster “Grendel,” the Danish village of Herot finds their champion in the noble Beowulf, the dragon slayer. Meeting the beast in hand to hand combat, Beowulf pulls out the monster’s arm, and with it, the era of terror is thought to be over. But as the Danes lavish their hero with praise and treasures, yet another monster appears in Grendel’s place… his equally hideous mother. With this new terror, Beowulf must now test his courage and skill in battle once again.  But this time he must meet the she beast in her own lair! “Beowulf” is an action packed fantasy adventure story that features a super hero for all time. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 100.

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