Before The After (D) (P)

Project Description

Two men, Rand and Cooper, and a woman, Sammie, roommates who all work at a local university, return home in the early hours past midnight after perpetrating a heinous act of terror. They have planted bombs in one of the buildings on campus in response to their personal agendas. For Cooper, it is to destroy the office of the chairman of his dissertation committee, who has alerted him that he is being dropped from his doctorate program. For Sammie, it is an act of euthanasia, as she desires to mercifully end the suffering of all the laboratory animals at the research lab where she works as a veterinarian. And for Rand, the group leader, it is to take out his rage against the military that dishonorably discharged him by bombing the school’s ROTC facilities. As they wait to hear the explosions which have been timed to go off at 3:30 a.m., we go back in time to see how these three otherwise normal individuals had over time changed to come to this faithful moment. A movie about how complex events are brought about by the simplest of actions, “Before The After” is the sad, haunting tale of innocence transformed into tragedy by misguided intentions. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 85.

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