Bar Stories (D) (C)

Project Description

A man tells two mechanics about a woman’s bird he sat on. Two friends wage a bet over what another friend will be talking about. Workers recall the day their boss decided to not cheat on the golf course. A man and a woman meet and refuse to part company – literally. A woman admits to her fetish for men in uniforms. A CEO and a drunken cabbie find that they were once college buddies who went on to lead drastically different lives. A woman dreams of the child she aborted. And a down and out advertising man gets a second chance from a client who is basically insane. What do all these people have in common? They’re the patrons of a bar who share stories of their lives, played out in a series of intersecting scenes of drama, comedy, romance, and even… science fiction. Welcome to “Bar Stories.” Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 112.

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