Athena & Lucifer In The 21st Century (T)

Project Description

Athena is a young woman enjoying the summer before she enrolls in Yale. Her schedule when she goes to college will likely get hectic so cruising now is certainly not anything she feels guilty about. But when her best friend suddenly can’t be reached she comes to fear that something bad has happened to her and moreover that her mysterious neighbor Luke, who she has called Lucifer, has something to do with it. For he speaks in a kind of lecturing manner even though she hardly knows him, keeps odd hours, and seems to have a lot of equipment that would be perfect for keeping someone a prisoner. But how can she find out? Together with Oliver, who worships the ground she walks on to the point of nearly being her stalker, they will trek just next door to find that her suspicions are true. A suburban thriller that will make everyone wary of the nice guy next door, “Athena & Lucifer In The 21st Century” will prove that terror can happen in the most common places. Writer: Jon Brekke. Pages: 90.

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