Another Shitty Day In Paradise (C)

Project Description

It’s another beautiful Sunday in Hawaii. But while almost everyone is at the beach or at the mall, Jaz is stuck in her “church” – the sacred home that she is trying to sell. See, Jaz is a realtor, which in her mind is lower than a sleazy used car salesman, a crooked politician, or ambulance chasing lawyer. On this day she will give us a lecture of why realtors are the “scum of the earth;” but then embark on an around the island tour of her properties with Ernie, the millennial, Harland and Serena, the October/March couple, and Shizuko, her eccentric (okay, crazy) mother. Together they will discover more than beautiful houses, and Jaz just might find a heart. A zany comedy that truly reflects its title, “Another Shitty Day In Paradise” will bring smiles to the harshest of cynics… like realtors. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 109.

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