Angel At The Other End Of The Garage (C) (R)

Project Description

Niles Gunk’s life mirrors the parking garage where he works as a booth attendant — lonely and dull. And he’s been living it for twenty years. Then one day, the new guy who takes over the booth during the night shift on the opposite end of the ground floor changes his life. Why? Well, for one thing, unlike the bevy of old codgers who he’s seen come and go, the new guy is not really a guy. On the contrary, she’s a young aspiring actress who’s beautiful, sweet, and everything that he’s not. But can he trade in his desultory couch potato life and find the courage to cross the expanse of the parking garage and meet the angel of his dreams? A romantic comedy of hope, “Angel At The Other End Of The Garage” will champion the struggling hero in all of us who yearn to make a lifestyle change. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 110.

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