A Nun In Attica (D)

Project Description

A  catholic nun, on a visit to Counsel an Inmate in a federal penitentiary, takes a wrong turn when leaving and gets lost in the   prison’s myriad of corridors. This tragic error changes her life forever, as she is brutally raped by prisoners. While her ordeal leaves her psychologically scarred, it is only the beginning of her emotional burdens, as she is confronted with something that will test the full extent of her faith. She is pregnant. Does she abort the fetus and turn her back on everything she has lived for? Or will she keep the child, giving birth to the eternal reminder of her worst nightmare. A searing drama of lost lives, “A Nun in Attica” is also an inspirational story of hope that ultimately reaffirms the potential of the human spirit. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 76.

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