A Breath To Survive (D) (P)

Project Description

After resigning from her job at the bank amidst parting comments from her boss that “she’ll be back,” now former bank executive Lisa finds herself confronting the stark reality that her world has been turned upside down. In the confines of her apartment we see her go through a metamorphosis as she deals with anger, grief, apprehension, fear, and finally acceptance of her life and getting on with it. In the process Lisa reinvents herself by finding the true artist that always lived within her, discovering a love of photography, music, and poetry. She is helped by her young niece, Sara, whose visits help Lisa as she evolves during this transition in her life. When the reality of Lisa’s sister, a drug addict, not watching over her daughter, places Sara at risk, it gives Lisa a reason to go beyond just focusing on her own troubles. Relevant for anyone trapped in a life that no longer fulfills , “A Breath To Survive” is a wonderful story of how personal growth is something uniquely individual to each and every one of us. Writer: Jon Brekke. Pages: 90.

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