A Boy, A Girl, And A Dead Cat (D) (C) (R) (P)

Project Description

It’s the day of the prom and gloomy Gordon has been matched up with a blind date by his friends, Denise and Sid. Gordon has his doubts about the evening since he obviously doesn’t know the girl. But when they pick Violet up and she happens to be a knockout and sweet to boot, the night seems off to a very good start. Coupled with the fact Gordon has managed to get the perfect convertible to take them all along, what could possibly go wrong? Well, everything. On the way they run over a cat and feeling like they can’t just leave it on the road, they go on a mission to give the cat a proper burial. This we eventually find has a symbolic meaning as Gordon’s mother also died by being hit by a car. Of course when they get to the prom it’s no cake walk either as waiting there is Gordon’s ex-girlfriend, whose new boyfriend is a bully who can’t seem to avoid getting in Gordon’s face. A wonderful coming of age movie that has a message that grieving is a part of life, “A Boy, A Girl, And A Dead Cat” will take audiences back to their youth when one’s entire life seemed wrapped up in that one night we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. Writers: David S. Baker, Jon Brekke. Pages: 119.

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