The Writing Machine

The short of it is that Eric Nemoto, while acting and conducting acting classes became very accustomed to working with movie scripts, and it spurred an interest in writing his own screenplays. This led to reading up on how to write screenplays and taking courses. Combine this with his manic obsession to thoroughly immerse himself into anything that he finds fascinating and it led to an obsession to write, and soon thereafter committing to the surreal goal of writing 300 screenplays in his lifetime. At the time some folks laughed. But amazingly, he is on track to do just that. Over the course of twenty plus years since he started his writing odyssey, Eric has written or co-written 148 original, mostly feature length screenplays of every genre, of which 16 have been produced as independent movies. Known by colleagues in the local performance arts community of Hawaii as “The Writing Machine,” he has been known to produce full length screenplays in days. His talent lends itself perfectly to the company he co-founded and continues to lead, Yellow Brick Studio, and the creative venture he developed, LegacyVision Films, which specializes in producing movies about stories that people want to leave as their legacy. With his years of obsessive writing having imbued in him a special skill set, Eric has become the man capable of writing the stories that everyday people have always dreamed of making into a great movie. Examples of such stories are as follows: the historical epic based on the family memoirs about the great grandparents arrival in America; the Cinderella sports story of how a son’s basketball team battled to the state high school finals; the powerful documentary based on a personal social cause; the action movie inspired by the time someone was late for a meeting and had to invent ways to make a presentation on time; the wonderful romantic comedy of how a mother and father met; the macabre thriller based on that strange occurrence which someone still can’t get out of their mind; the musical that provides the star vehicle for a talented singer/songwriter niece; and the great coming-of-age tale based on the remembrances of an unbridled youth. All of these and more become possible because of Eric’s ability to craft stories of meaning and power within an amazingly short time frame. His claim is that he can produce a quality first draft in 30 days (which he has never failed to do), and then subsequently rewrite the script as necessary until the approved production script is finalized.

“The Write Ups” – Eric Writes A One Page Mini Synopsis For Every Script He Envisions Writing

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