Eric Nemoto

In addition to developing, producing, and administering Yellow Brick Studio and all of its creative ventures, Eric Nemoto also handles projects individually under his name as a sole proprietor. Often when he is contracted to work as a writer, director, and producer, it is usually under his SP business. In his personal work, whether creative or otherwise, Eric dispels the myth that everyone is either left or right brain dominant. For in his previous career in higher education he was always the go-to person to see for all things involving analytical reasoning. He was a whiz at understanding federal regulations as a Financial Aid Administrator (University of Hawaii at Manoa and private consultant, 1985-1994), was part of the planning team that devised recruitment strategies as an Associate Dean of Enrollment Management (Chaminade University, 1994-2010), and was the Executive Director of a vocational school (Med-Assist School of Hawaii, 2010-2013). He has a bachelor’s degree (Political Science) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a master’s degree from Oregon State University (College Student Services Administration), and a screenwriting certificate from the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program (the largest online program of its kind in the U.S.). An exceptional public speaker (in the past he would do presentations at high schools about college financing) and prolific writer (original screenplays, book on acting, contract newspaper articles), he has also become a spreadsheet whiz (Excel reports and analyses done in advanced formats), a more than competent website builder (three and most notably the YBS website), and obtained the non-profit status for two organizations (TAG – The Actors’ Group and PacFAA, the Pacific Financial Aid Association). He has also helped or managed successful political campaigns (one city council and three Board of Education races) and has made it a point to travel whenever he can on the premise of wanting to see as much of the world before leaving it. He has been to 38 of 50 states (32 on a cross country trip, see below), and 13 countries abroad (Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Samoa, The Bahamas, and Vatican City). But of all his activities in his life, he is grounded by his love of family. Eric’s wife, Mary Ann, son Cory, daughter Kristen Nemoto-Jay, son-in-law Aaron “Iwi” Jay, and adorable granddaughters Winter Jay and Autumn Jay (grandpa’s “stars in the making”), round out his beautiful family.

Eric & His Family On A Historic Trip In 1983 – 32 States In Six Weeks Covering Over 10,000 Miles

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