All Hawaii TV

In 2017, Eric Nemoto developed All Hawaii TV (AHTV), which is a Roku TV channel that is dedicated to all things Hawaii. On his website for the venture, Eric offered that Hawaii was the greatest place to live in the world, given the beauty of the islands, its famous balmy weather, and of course the “Aloha” spirit of the people. Consequently, he created AHTV in an endeavor to showcase as wide an array of content related in some fashion to Hawaii. Content providers, for the most part, are not charged for supplying their content and actually can share in any revenue earned from viewership. All content that appears on the channel meets at least one of the following criteria: MADE IN HAWAII: Content produced in Hawaii. These can include movies, television programs, documentaries, and much more, which were filmed entirely or in part in Hawaii. Content can range from recently produced movies, to old films that have not been seen for quite some time. MADE ABOUT HAWAII: Content that is about Hawaii. This can include videos about island culture, information about businesses that serve the community, travelogues about the islands, and movies filmed where the storyline involves Hawaii although the production may have been shot elsewhere. MADE BY HAWAII: Content created by Hawaii residents. These can include films shot elsewhere in the world involving a subject other than Hawaii. Residents can range from long time Kama’aina’s (locals considered Hawaiian regardless of race), to former, part time, and newly arrived residents. MADE FOR HAWAII: Content designed for Hawaii residents who may benefit from the services and benefits of the information provided. These can include promotional videos and advertisements from organizations in other parts of the USA and the world that garner a strong local interest. The relevance of All Hawaii TV in relation to the activities of Yellow Brick Studio is that it serves as a great platform for Eric to distribute of movies from LegacyVision Films, music videos from Soul Sessions USA, and videos from 5miles.

A Screen Grab Of The All Hawaii TV Menu Soon After It First Went Live

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