Yellow Brick Studio LLC is also either directly or indirectly related to five other companies, organizations, and creative ventures for which the owner of YBS, Eric Nemoto, either owns, administers, or is associated with in some capacity. These include: 1) The Actors' Group (TAG); 2) All Hawaii TV; 3) The ADR Agency; 4) The Writing Machine; and 5) Eric Nemoto, himself, as a sole proprietor. TAG is a very successful community theater in Hawaii that was founded by Eric, for which he remains its president. All Hawaii TV is a public Roku streaming television channel developed by Eric which is dedicated to showcasing all things Hawaii. The ADR Agency, one of Hawaii's best model and talent agencies for over 40 years and Eric's own agent for over 30 years, also sponsors the acting class that Eric teaches, Just Act - The Acting Gym. The Writing Machine is the moniker that has become associated with Eric given that he has written over a hundred screenplays and has to ability to write scripts in amazingly quick fashion. Lastly, Eric Nemoto is also a registered sole proprietor business who is available for creative contract work.

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