Making & Selling


What enables you to film high quality movies on such low budgets?
It comes with experience. We have filmed movies on even lesser budgets. We know how to do more with less. The budget ranges we categorize will provide ample funds to film your movie and film it well.
What actors do you use to film my movie?
We primarily use exceptionally talented actors in Hawaii to fill many of the featured roles and depending on the production type will recruit them for supporting and lead roles as well. For productions set away from Hawaii we will cast talented actors from the area there.
Will you recruit a Hollywood star to be in my movie?
We’ll try. But it does come down to economics. Recruiting name actors requires a larger budget so any production done on a micro or ultra low budget will be tough. It is possible for modified low budget productions and very likely for productions in the low budget range.
Could you tell me again the advantages of filming in Hawaii?
Again, we’ll make a movie anywhere – from Maine to Alaska, from Tokyo to Rome. But Hawaii does have advantages. Scenery that’s a million dollar set, weather that never delays shoots, and face it, it may be easier to recruit a star actor to paradise.
My story takes place in another state or a different country, how do we shoot this in Hawaii?
Our model is to film most of the non-location-specific interior scenes in Hawaii, thereby reducing the scenes that absolutely require filming elsewhere to a minimum. When we do travel to film specific location scenes elsewhere, we will do so efficiently and within budget.
How long does it take to develop and completely finish a movie from start to finish?
This depends on the nature of the movie of course, but in general we say a year – three months for development (this is if we’re creating an entirely new script; if not, then nine months), three months for pre-production and production, and six months for post-production.
I've always wanted to act in my own movie, or, support a family member or friend in my movie, what do you think?
This is what separates us from any other production company. We welcome this concept entirely. We’ll create a movie that puts you or your friends or family in the best light, and, we’ll provide performance training if you or anyone else needs it.
What if I wanted to be the star of my own movie?
Sure. We’ve already produced movies for people who wanted to be the lead in their own movie. It’s your production so you have a right to star in it if you want to. We’ll work with you to assure that your performance is the very best it can be.
If I, or my friends or family, act in, or participate in any way in the creative development of the movie, will we get paid?
Yes. Unless advised by you (as the Executive Producer) otherwise, anyone contributing to the creation of the movie itself as a talent or crew will be compensated according to the rates paid to other talent or crew from the project budget.
But if I, or my friends or family, act in the movie, does that mean it will be just be a vanity project that won't be any good?
Nonsense. On the contrary we believe we can create a winning movie out of any concept and commit ourselves to make all of the talent in the movie great. In fact many industry pundits believe the same. See Any Movie Concept Can Work.
What filmmaking equipment do you use?
Our association with Hawaii Media Inc. gives us access to top-of-the-line filmmaking accessories. Part of the budget will include renting equipment from them. Your movie will look as good as any first run Hollywood feature because we have the tools to produce it as such.
What are the qualifications of your film crew?
Hawaii is a frequent site for major movie productions and many local professionals are signed on to work the shoots. They are as good as any in the world. We know all the best personally and depending on the production type we will hire as many of them as possible.
Who handles the post-production of the movie?
We do. We have talented editors who possess all of the editing software to get the job done. We can also contract out for additional editing, post sound, and musical editing support from other professionals in Hawaii as well as in LA, if needed.
What kind of music can I expect will be in my movie?
This will depend on the nature of the movie and the amount of the production budget determined. We’ll select music that we feel moves the story forward and this could involve both royalty and royalty-free music.
What if I already have the music that I want for my movie?
That’s great. Whether it’s your music or the music of a friend, a family member, or a favorite artist, we’ll incorporate the music you desire. We’ll lend our creative input to utilize it to its fullest in telling the story that is in your movie.
Does your online marketing and distribution plans mean you won't try for a theatrical release?
No. Once a movie is made it is a tangible intellectual property that can be marketed through many means. While we focus on selling the movie online, we will also try to seek a film distributor, enter it in film festivals, and market it at film conventions.
Do the budgets for all production types include expenses related to marketing and selling the movie?
Except for the smaller micro budget productions, yes; since costs to market and sell movies online is low. The reason why micro budgets may not include online distribution expenses is because realistically there is a basic level of funds needed to film any movie.
Is it possible to film a micro budget movie that impresses an interested studio to buy and distribute it?
Yes. “The Blair Witch Project” and “Paranormal Activity” are examples of movies that were filmed on micro budgets and were bought by studios which later infused each with more money before distribution. See The Potential Of Low Budget Movies.
Will I have the right to stage my own screenings, sell directly to my lists of contacts, and also pursue distribution channels?
Absolutely. We all profit from all efforts anyway, and as the Executive Producer you have the right to sell the movie on your own in whatever fashion you desire. We’ll want to coordinate our efforts though to assure that every pursuit complements one another.
Can you guarantee that my movie will sell?
No. But no Hollywood studio could either. Financing movies is a risk. But we mitigate this by focusing on low budget productions (thus less costs) and make the best movie we can, which always has the chance of being a hit. See Any Movie Concept Can Work.