What makes your script development services so special?
We’ve turned around the movie making process. Other filmmakers seek financing to make a movie based on THEIR script. We write scripts to make YOUR movie. We don’t believe anyone else does this. And even if they do, they don’t have our script database to use.
I just have a general idea for a movie, but not much more, is that enough to go on?
Absolutely. We’ll help you through the creative process starting from the very beginning, and work with you to determine whether we’re creating a drama, a comedy, an action thriller, what’s the basic plot, who are the characters, etc., and go from there.
How are you able to produce a first draft of a script as fast as 30 days?
It comes with practice. Writing numerous scripts has made us proficient at churning out the pages. That and the fact that in a screenplay you can depict in a single scene what a book would need a chapter to describe. Experience has taught us how to write great stories fast.
How do I know the story we'll be developing is going to be the movie I want to film?
Because you ultimately make the final call. We promise to get you a draft of the script in 30 days. But after that we work with you to rewrite it until we agree that the final production script is the movie you desire and the estimated budget fits your financing plans.
But what if I want to create an entirely new script but actually don't really even have a concept?
If so, you’ll find this to be a terrific experience. The beauty of starting with a totally blank canvas is that we can take your story anywhere you want, and this you’ll find is incredibly exciting. We’ll all contribute story points and you’ll be amazed as to what develops.
What if I want you to write a screenplay that features myself as the lead and some friends or family in supporting roles?
That’s great. Writing a story is facilitated by knowing who will play what character. So actually having real people to match characters to will help. We’ve written for actors who wanted to make their own movies so this is not a new concept. In fact, we’re proficient at this.
If I wanted the script to be written for a specific movie star, would you write it and find a way to get that star to act in it?
Yes. As mentioned, writing a screenplay is easier when we “see” the actor who will be portraying the role, particularly if it is an established star. However, in order to contract any star actors the production budget would need to be sufficient enough to account for their pay.
If you create a new script for me, there's no guarantee that it'll be any good and become a successful movie right?
With the experience of writing many screenplays we know how to craft a good story. But you’re right, there are no guarantees. On the other hand there is an equal chance that we’ll write a great script that becomes very successful. See Any Movie Concept Can Work.
I have a concept for a movie but could you just write the script for now and then let me take it from there?
Yes. We can agree to a contract for just writing your script and then you can take it and proceed to attempt to produce it on your own. While we hope you’ll eventually see the advantages of working with us, certainly we can arrange for this to happen.
How does your script database help me make my movie?
You may find that you like a particular script we’ve already written but feel you’d like to make some changes to the storyline, some of the characters, the locations, etc. We’ll work with you to make the revisions you desire and create the movie you want to make.
When you say that your scripts could be revised to accommodate the story that I envision, do you really mean it?
Absolutely. If you like one of our scripts but want the male lead to be a female, the setting changed from New York to LA, or even the Asian ninja assassin transformed into a blue-eyed Viking, we’ll do it. The catch is that we’ll always make sure to craft it into a great story.
I want to produce a movie but it's not important that I create my own script, is that okay?
Of course. We offer you a unique service – to create a movie that you have always wanted to make. But if you just want to produce any of our original scripts we will make that happen. Pick the movie you want to back, give us the green light, and we’ll produce it.
What if the script I want to produce is one that someone else has written, would you make that into a movie?
Absolutely. We are in the business of making movies and in particular making movies that our clients want to make, what YOU want to make. If that movie is based on a script you already have we’ll certainly put it into production mode.
I actually have written a screenplay and want Yellow Brick to make the movie for me. Would that be okay?
Certainly. We are in the business of making YOUR movie. If you’ve already got the script you want to produce give us the green light and we’ll put your movie into production. We’ll offer our assistance on evaluating and/or reworking your script. It’s your call.
If I make the call on my own script does that mean whatever I've written you'll produce?
Well, yes. But if you’re coming to us to make your script into a movie you may benefit from our help. Scripts get better through collaboration. Many of the scripts we’ve written featured more than one writer. But yes, it’s your call.
How do we come up with an agreed upon project budget based on the production script?
We break down the script in as much detail as possible, accounting for costs related to the number of scenes, the locations, equipment, services, basically everything above-the-line (producers, writers, directors, star actors) and below-the-line (the rest of the cast and crew).
What if the script requires a budget that is greater than what I'm willing to finance?
Then we’ll revise it until the estimated costs are reduced to a level that meets your financing ability. There are many ways to tell a story and not all require a greater expenditure of funds. We rework it until the production budget is what you are willing to expend.
How are the credits listed in the movie for the script that is developed?
Credits are given fairly. If we use one of our scripts then the credit goes to us. If it’s your idea and we’ve written the script you get an original story credit and we get credit for the screenplay. If we use your script entirely you’re listed for the original story and the screenplay.
Who owns the script?
The writers own the script. If it’s one of our scripts we generally retain 100% ownership (unless your contributions warrant a share). If it is a new script that we craft together we’ll share ownership rights. If it is a script you or someone else wrote it belongs to you or the writer.
If we're producing a movie together does ownership of the script matter to me as far as my scheduled returns?
No. The purpose of a screenplay is to make a movie. You get returns on the movie sales according to our Proposed Return Schedule and not by who owns the script. For example, if we use a script that we own 100%, it would not change your scheduled returns.