Movie Making Guidelines


Movie Making Guidelines

The guidelines LegacyVision Films uses to produce movies:

  • That are original, moving, entertaining, and shot in a high quality film look that is as good as any first run Hollywood feature.
  • That are specifically designed to fit the financing amount which will ensure our projects always come in on time and on budget.
  • That uniquely captures the stories that need to be told while providing a personally rewarding experience for our clients.

Low Budget Production Focus Reduces Risk And Increases Profit Potential

We focus on making high quality movies on a range of budget options. These are reflected in the table below.

Flexibility To Invest In Multiple Movies

No one can predict the commercial success of any one movie. But the odds increase by making multiple movies. Our focus on low budget productions provides the savvy financier with means, if desired, the option of producing a series of movies as opposed to just one. For example, an individual could produce one $2,000,000 low budget movie, or, for that same amount, produce a total of 10 low budget movies – one B Budget production for $1,000,000, two C Budget productions for $550,000 (one for $300,000 and another for $250,000), two D Budget productions for $245,000 (one for $145,000, one for $100,000), and five E Budget productions for $205,000 (one for $60,000, one for $50,000, one for $40,000, one for $30,000, and one for $25,000. This comparison is exhibited in the table below.

Making multiple movies increases the odds of any one movie (or more) becoming a hit and bringing in sales that makes the total business deal profitable. Clients can elect to finance their own personal project as well as a number of other movies with one financing venture.

Screenplay Database

Movie Making GuidelinesThrough its association with another YBS business endeavor, ForesT, LegacyVision Films has access to a very large inventory of original scripts of every genre. This screenplay database was accumulated by writing for decades on end. This inventory of scripts includes dramas, comedies, thrillers, action pictures, love stories, and every combination in between. The value of these original scripts is that they can expedite the development process. For each of these scripts could be revised and adapted to accommodate the story idea of the client. For more information on this database, see the Screenplay Database.

Movie Making GuidelinesA Script Customized And Developed In 30 Days

Our clients have the option of developing their story from any of our scripts, or, have us write an entirely new script based on their story concept. Either way, a first draft of the screenplay will be produced within 30 days of a project being green lighted. This draft is then refined through rewrites until the storyline and production budget is approved.

Writing A Script From Scratch

Movie Making GuidelinesWe have experience in creating successful original movie concepts that were purposely designed around certain storyline objectives, and also written incredibly fast. For example…

In developing his third movie, Jon Brekke wanted to film a movie of personal growth that would accent human drama within the confines of a single setting in order to keep costs low. He wrote as words breathe in a month in 2010, intending to star talented Stephanie Kuroda and Brandi Taylor and filmed it primarily within the setting of a single apartment. The result is a beautiful, lyrical tale of one woman’s journey of personal discovery.

Because of his reputation for being a fast writer, Eric was originally approached by other fellow actors to write a movie specifically for them in lead roles in a story that would showcase other local talent in featured roles as well. As a result he wrote Parts Of The Same Circle in 2006 with these objectives in mind in nine days. This moving drama was eventually filmed in 2011 and was accepted into the Hawaii International Film Festival (2012) and the Big Island Film Festival (2013).

In 2013, based on a story premise provided by the CEO of a Hong Kong company specializing in investment management, Eric Nemoto and Jon Brekke conceptualized and wrote the family drama, The Good Man From Wuhan – from its initial conceptual meeting to the emailing of the finished draft – in three weeks, for which financing is continuing to be sought from sources in China. This is documented in the following presentation. Note: The presentation has no sound.

In December 2013, Jon Brekke and Eric Nemoto was approached by actress, Ana Jimenez McMillan, to write and produce a feature length movie starring herself. Upon final contract approval a screenplay was written in one week. The result was Natural Reaction, an action thriller about a woman who lures the killer of her sister onto a hiking trail at night in order to exact her revenge. Pre-production quickly ensued and principal photography was completed a little over two months later. Natural Reaction, in fact, became the first movie produced under the LegacyVision Films concept, and all subsequent movies produced since – see Movies Produced – has seen the script production achieved within 30 days, and filming expeditiously done soon thereafter. In essence, through years of working on movie projects, LegacyVision Films is able to write scripts from scratch that tell the stories our clients want told, and in doing so can develop each into thoroughly winning movie concepts.

Crafting The Movie To Fit The Desired Budget

Bus ModelEach script can then be crafted so as to come within the budget amount that our client wants to commit. Depending on the nature of the script that is finally approved, we can shoot the movie in many ways, and produced within any of our four production types.

Production budgets are impacted by many factors but particularly by the number of scenes and location shoots depicted in the script, the number of talent hired, the number of stars with substantial contract pay, and the extent to which added production features such as special effects, stunt work, and computer generated imagery (CGI) are required.

Basically, the more of each factor the greater the production budget, and the lesser of each factor the lesser the production budget. Hence, a slice of life two person drama that takes place in one location can be shot on a micro budget. A comedy that calls for an ensemble cast might be filmed on an ultra low budget. A historical epic that requires attention to detail set construction and period piece costuming might come within a modified low budget. A science fiction thriller that will require greater post production CGI and a name actor will require financing on the upper end of the low budget range.

We can redesign the production script to accommodate the desired level of contribution in accordance with these budget categories.

Risk ProfitUtilize Government Incentive Programs

We utilize Government Incentive Programs that enable our clients to benefit from an estimated 30%-40% return apart from any prospective movie sales. This lowers the investment risk for the investor and increases the potential for greater profit. For a more detailed analysis of all the benefits derived from the usage of these programs see all of the sections included under Financing.

High Quality Productions Made Efficiently

On TimeOnce the production script and budget is green lighted, the estimated timeline for making the movie is six (6) months. This involves approximately two (2) months for pre-production, one (1) month for production (the actual shoot schedule will usually run from 18-24 days), and three (3) months for post-production; after which the completed movie will go into distribution.

Hawaii’s Filming Advantage

Diamond HeadHawaii is already a popular movie making destination. The natural beauty of Hawaii’s scenery along with its balmy weather makes it an ideal “million dollar set” that other productions drool over. LegacyVision Films is located in Hawaii. This is our base of operation and where generally most of our movies can be filmed. Hawaii is an iconic destination known world wide. Movies made in Hawaii have a guaranteed following by all those who dream of paradise. This is particularly true of the Asian film market. Hawaii’s incredibly attractive shooting destination also increases the odds for recruiting some of Hollywood’s top actors to take on a role in one of LegacyVision Films‘ productions as their schedule permits. Recruiting popular Hollywood and international stars to not only star in our productions but also actively participate in the marketing and distribution of the movie as well is a key component of our marketing and sales vision  (see “Online Distribution” and “Star Actor Marketing” to follow).

Using Experienced Crew And Affordable Talent

Making Movies 5The list of major Hollywood productions that have filmed in Hawaii dates back to the 1920s. This includes award winning dramas (From Here To Eternity, 1953), Broadway musicals brought to the screen (South Pacific, 1958), and mega-blockbusters (Godzilla, 2013). Hawaii has also been the base for a number of successful television series (Hawaiian Eye, Magnum P.I., Lost, and Hawaii Five-O, both the original and updated versions). These productions have always utilized local talent (as crew and actors) in their productions, and this consistent experience has contributed to a local base of seasoned film professionals that LegacyVision Films can tap to be a part of its productions. Using a local film crew, who are as experienced as any professionals in the world, saves the cost of flying in professionals from elsewhere. Using actors from Hawaii’s local talent pool, who are also as talented as any base of actors in the world and who will work for the SAG/AFTRA minimum acting rates, also frees up significant portions of the production budget to allow LegacyVision Films to possibly recruit star actors in lead roles that could help build a production’s marketability. Both of these strategies allow LegacyVision Films to successfully produce movies of high quality on very low budgets.

Ability To Shoot Anywhere In The World

LuggageWhile Hawaii is our base, we are able to film our client-based movies anywhere. Should the story require location shooting in another state or country, our commitment is to design a production that would enable us to perform efficient location shooting. In planning our production we would use a combination of using a certain of our core group of crew and actors who would accompany us, while also recruiting and casting film professionals and actors from the vicinity of where our production would be located. In all cases, production costs are specifically contained within the financing agreed to by our client. In shooting movies in other states, we also maximize whatever state tax credits are available for filming movies. For more information on this see Government Incentive Programs.

Social Media Marketing & Online Distribution

We will utilize the power of the Internet to market and distribute our movies. Particularly if the production is able to contract star actors (see “Star Marketing Power” to follow), the potential reach of social media is virtually unlimited and has the potential of reaching a global audience. It may cost as little as $2,000 to attain all the licenses necessary to post a movie on an online movie retail site like iTunes and this is infinitely less than the costs necessary for a theatrical distribution (usually as much as 50% of the production budget) to only a moderate number of big screen theaters. The future of film marketing and distribution methods lies on the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and others that will inevitably be invented. LegacyVision Films will utilize these sites to primarily market and distribute our movies. See Distribution & Marketing for the minimal means of assuring that every movie reaches a wider audience.

Star Marketing Power

Star ActorPresuming the investment is of a sufficient value (generally more applicable to low and modified low budget productions), we will recruit Hollywood and international actors to fill critical lead roles wherein these stars will help to promote the movie through an active social media campaign. Actors we recruit will have a sizeable fan base, as evidenced by a significant fan following on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platform, and publicize the movie’s distribution through social media announcements for a share of back end profits (i.e. “points”). Our model is particularly patterned after the success attained in the marketing and distribution of the movie, For Lovers Only. For more information on this refer to “Social Media Marketing” under The Changing Movie Landscape.

Note: A white paper describing in detail how we will use the power of social media to market a movie using the fan base of star actors is available to interested parties. Please contact us to request a copy and we will be happy to provide this to you.

Movie Making GuidelinesTraditional Film Distribution Channels

Of course, once a movie is completed, it becomes a tangible intellectual property that can be marketed through all traditional film distribution channels such as movie conventions as well as screenings at film festivals. While online marketing and sales is our primary focus and niche, LegacyVision Films will pursue all possible avenues of traditional distribution as well.

Return Schedule

ROI 2We offer, based on sufficient sales revenue, an attractive return schedule that affords greater returns for greater contributions and places the client first and foremost. Our clients receive priority in the distribution of revenue derived from all movie sales as described in the Proposed Return Schedule.

Movie Making GuidelinesUnique Client Benefits

Those who finance movies enter an exciting and brave new world that affords them a number of additional creative benefits. When our clients finance their own movies they…

  • … receive “Executive Producer” credit in all movie titles.
  • … may, in developing the movie, if providing the basic storyline, receive “Original Story” credit in all movie titles.
  • … may, if participating in the actual writing of the script, receive partial “Screenplay” credit as a co-writer in all movie titles.
  • … may participate in a creative role in the movie, including appearing in featured, supporting, and lead acting roles.¹
  • … are feted at a world premiere screening held at a movie theater as well as an accompanying reception.
  • … attend screenings at film festivals in which the movie is possibly accepted into.
  • … receive a sufficient number of complimentary DVDs/Blu-rays of the movie for their personal collection.
  • … are free, along with the efforts of LegacyVision Films, to show, market, and distribute the movie at their leisure.

For more detailed information about LegacyVision Films‘ approach to making movies, please also see The Business Model.

Movie Making Guidelines

¹If necessary, LegacyVision Films will coordinate performance training to assure that all talent scheduled to be in the movie perform to the creative levels that their characters require.

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