A New Approach To Making Movies

Making movies has traditionally been a one-way process. Filmmakers have a flash of inspiration, come up with a story, produce a script, and then seek persons with money to bankroll THEIR movie. And in so doing, usually they ascribe to a particular kind of “unsaid” sales pitch that – if they’re lucky – the person(s) financing their movie will not be turned off by. It goes something like this:


Incredulously, many filmmakers feel they deserve total creative freedom with little responsibility to their benefactors. Somehow they believe that despite putting up all the financial capital to make the movie (and assuming all the risks associated with it), the financial backer should merely cherish their title of Executive Producer, fade into the background, and then merely be happy to show up for the movie premiere.

We do NOT believe in this philosophy. On the contrary we take an entirely new approach to making movies. In fact, we have completely turned around the traditional message communicated to possible financial backers. Our pitch is this:


We actively involve our clients and produce movies that are based on their ideas which they have always dreamed of making.

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Client-Based Movies Can Prove To Be Immensely Successful

Our approach is fueled by our belief that a movie concept can arise from any source of inspiration (see Produce Your Own Movie) and that this concept can subsequently be developed into a great movie if written well, acted well, and directed well.

Industry pundits acknowledge that no one holds a crystal ball that could predict the eventual success or failure of any movie venture and that the business is rife with examples which prove that even the most far fetched movie concept can turn into a hit (see Any Movie Concept Can Work). Hence, movies inspired by our clients have as good a chance at success as any idea germinated within the development offices of any major Hollywood studio.

But success for our clients is not only measured by their financial returns. For many it may be an opportunity to develop a movie – whether for commercial, professional, avocational, or personal reasons – that they have always dreamed of creating, but did not know how to go about making it happen. We provide all the services necessary – from development to pre-production to production to post-production to distribution – to take their initial idea and bring it to the screen.

A Strategy For Success

Beyond the cornerstone belief that moving, entertaining movies can emanate from the concepts of our clients and moreover that these movies can prove successful, our business model basically adheres to the following strategic process points:

Low Budget Productions: We focus on low budget productions that lessen financial risk and increase profit potential.

Budget Ranges: We offer production types that allow our clients to produce movies using bigger, mid-sized, lower, and micro budgets.

Script Database: We possess over 140 original screenplays, any of which we could use to revise or adapt into a movie for our clients.

Customized Original Scripts: We write new scripts for our clients in 30 days and customize each to fit the desired production budget.

Government Programs: We utilize tax incentive programs that return financial benefits to our clients apart from movie sales.

High Quality Productions: We film high quality movies that utilize top notch film crews and outstanding acting talent.

Social Media MarketingWe market movies via various social media platforms that have the potential to reach a global audience.

Online Distribution Focus: We distribute movies primarily through various online retail outlets but pursue traditional methods as well.

Return Schedule: We offer, based on sufficient sales revenue, an attractive return schedule that places the client first and foremost.

Added Value Benefits: We provide our clients with outstanding added value benefits that no other production company offers.

These strategic points are explained in greater detail in the processes that are described in Movie Making Guidelines, as well as in The Potential Of Low Budget Movies and Proposed Return Schedule.