Scripts That Can Be Customized To Make The Movies That Need To Be Produced

Yellow Brick Studio/LegacyVision Films maintains a database of original movie scripts (164 to date) of every genre, which could be utilized to create a new movie. While the Yellow Brick Studio/LegacyVision Films business model is to create new movies entirely from scratch, it is also possible to produce any of these scripts as originally written, or, to use the script as a basic story template which can then be revised into an entirely new and unique movie. This is with the understanding that some scripts have already been produced, and also that certain scripts have other individuals attached who were involved in some capacity to its development, and therefore would also need to give their approval for any such usage (depending on the extent of their involvement). Listed below, in alphabetical order, are synopses of every script in the Yellow Brick Studio/LegacyVision Films database. Genres for the scripts are indicated by codes listed next to each title. Refer to the table below for a description of the genre codes.

AAnimationCRCrime & GangsterHHorror & MonsterSFScience Fiction & Fantasy
AAAction & AdventureDDramaMMusicals & DanceSPSports
BBiographical PictureDODocumentaryRRomance & Love StoryTThriller & Mystery
CComedyFFamily EntertainmentSShort FilmWWar Or Western

An additional code of "P" denotes that the script has already been produced into a movie or a short film. An asterisk (*) listed after each script title denotes that there are other persons outside of YBS/LegacyVision Films who are associated with the script in a writer, co-writer, consultant, or business associate capacity. All persons attached to any script, and their respective roles, are identified at the end of each synopsis. As a point of note, consultants were instrumental in some form or at some level towards the development of the script and business associates are attached to the script in some business and/or legal capacity (although not necessarily in a formal business and/or legal arrangement with YBS or LegacyVision Films). All writers are considered business associates by virtue of their direct creative contribution to the development of the script. All decisions involving the usage, option, or sale of any script, require the approval of all writers and business associates.

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