We have categorized our FAQs in terms of the three most common types of questions people have about making their own movies.

First, how does one go about coming up with the story and screenplay for their movie? On Developing The Script provides most of the answers about how do we produce the script that will be used to make your movie.

Second, making a movie is a ton of creative excitement, but ultimately we do this as a business. And like with any business, people want to know what they’ll get out of it. On Incentives & Financing goes over some important topics related to financing movies and the incentives that exist.

Third, everyone wants to know how we make the movie. How is it that we can film movies on a low budget, who’s going to be in it, where and how we’ll shoot it, etc. On Making & Selling The Movie covers many points about our filmmaking process.

If after reviewing these pages you still have questions about these topics, or, if you have an entirely different question you need information about, please contact us and we will happy to discuss things with you.

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