A Day In The Life Of A Horse

GENRE: Animal Documentary.

STATUS: In distribution. A Day In The Life Of A Horse can be viewed on the public Roku TV channel, All Hawaii TV, the YBS online movie platform, Serenergy, and on YouTube, as well as on this web page. See below.

LOGLINE: A woman’s love and devotion for a three-hoofed horse who suffered an unfortunate accident, forces her to decide whether it should have a crippled life outside the stall or no life at all.

IMDb: A Day In The Life Of A Horse

COMPANY NOTES: Yellow Brick Studio has joined with filmmaker Rick Bernico to aid in the distribution of his short film documentary, A Day In The Life Of A Horse, which is a production of his company, Water Snake Productions, and his photography studio, Hawaii Profiles.

Hawaii Profiles – Rick Bernico’s Longtime Photography Studio Now Emerges As A Production Company

The Inspiration

A Day In The Life Of A Horse is a compelling story of a woman’s love and dedication for her horse that was destined for a crippled life in the stall or no life at all. It was inspired by a chance encounter by Rick Bernico. Rick had been driving along the windward side of Oahu in Hawaii and while passing the Kualoa Ranch (see inset photo) in the late afternoon, he saw many horses in a pasture grazing after a long day of work. Rick thought to himself, “I wonder if these horses look forward to getting off work at the end of the day? In fact, do they look forward to going to work in the morning? Do any of them dread going to work? Do they have attitude attacks? Do they prefer one job over another?”

Horses Spotted At A Popular Hawaii Ranch Inspires A Short Film Documentary

Those curious questions, in conjunction with Rick having to do another project for one of his classes with the LA Film School, for which he was continuing towards his online film degree, is how he came up with the idea of A Day in the Life of a Horse. Rick set up a meeting with the ranch’s owner, who was more than happy to help him with his school project. Unfortunately, they were about to have a rodeo at the ranch and so could not help him prior to his school’s deadline. Desperate, Rick began calling different ranches to see if any of them would be able to help him. That is how he came across Legacy Horsemanship and how he discovered an even more compelling story about Thor, the three-hooved Palamino. The manager there, Leolani Gaceta, graciously allowed Rick to have her interviewed, and actress Tristy Chun, who had previously acted in Rick’s previous short film, Sins Of The Flesh. A Day in the Live of a Horse is a story about dedication, determination, survival, and love.

A Day In The Life Of A Horse - The Complete Short Film

Tristy Chun Inteviews Leolani Gaceta About Her Love And Dedication For Thor The Three-Hooved Horse

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