Movies Produced

Movies listed include both those produced by YBS as LegacyVision Films and by individuals or companies associated with YBS/LegacyVision Films at some time.

Filmmakers associated in some fashion with Yellow Brick Studio and/or LegacyVision Films have had a hand in producing or co-producing 30 movies (24 features and six short films) of varying genres. These include: 1) the holiday family special, Tis The Season – A Hawaiian Christmas Story; 2) the coming-of-age youth story, A Boy, A Girl And A Dead Cat; 3) the short film parody about off stage drama, Vent; 4) the web series concept about a true Hawaiian hero, The Legend Of Chang Apana; 5) the science fiction fantasy drama about angels battling demons for the soul of a human, The Hidden Battle; 6) the period piece tale of horror set in Old Hawaii about a murdered woman who rises from the dead as a ghost cat apparition to exact her revenge, Obake Neko; 7) the epic drama about death as being a part of the circle of life, Parts Of The Same Circle; 8) The on-going multi-platform storytelling universe that focuses on the adventures of a girl and her power of teleportation, Jackie Claxton Universe; 9) the poignant, slice of life tale of personal growth that is devoid of cliches, as words breathe; 10) the crime drama about one woman’s revenge for the murder of her sister, Natural Reaction; 11) the romantic comedy drama about sexual harassment and the differences between the male and female species, Tiramisu On The Beach; 12) the comedy about a community neighborhood board meeting becoming the battleground between the young and the old, Juniper Lane; 13) the mystery about a closet serial killer ready to retire after one last kill, So Close Shig; 14) the zany laugh riot about food, merriment and chaos at the U.N., World Buffet; 15) the heartrending tragedy told in reverse chronology, Before The After; 16) the murder mystery involving only one on-screen character who solves a 35-year-old cold case, The Landline Detective; 17) the complex conspiracy action drama that throws everyone for a loop in the end, Closing Costs; 18) the “movie about a movie” crime thriller, The Curse Of Witness Protection; 19) the anthology of short films revolving around computer hackers stealing a digital program from one another, Grab; 20) the intense interrogation of five male convicts facing the counseling wrath of a woman psychologist, Covid Release; 21) the hilarious one actor comedy about a man possibly having the worst day ever in the history of the world, Ramon Runyen; 22) the sports documentary about one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, Prof Blood – Basketball’s First Great Coach; 23) the film school project about a 29-year-old cancer patient who finds herself having to negotiate with a mysterious woman in white to attain her right to live, Where Are We Going; 24) the war story of a retired Honolulu man, a WWII veteran and member of the famed 442nd RCT, who has visions of a young German soldier which recalls an incident from the war that haunts him still, Shikata Ga Nai; 25) the dramatic fantasy thriller about a man who is having the same three dreams in which he dies each time, who seeks to discover why this is happening and what it all means, Find Me; 26) the short film about a man being invited to dinner who becomes the main entree on the menu, Sins Of The Flesh; 27) the filmed version of the hit comedy play about bureaucracy and corruption, Building Permit; 28) the fantasy drama that depicts the complicated relationship of author Mary McDougal Axelson and her daughter Mary Ivonne Cropper, which ultimately led to Ivonne killing her mother, The Trials Of Two Marys; 29) the mini-documentary about a three-hoofed horse who suffered an unfortunate accident, forcing the owner to find a way to keep it alive, A Day In The Life Of A Horse; and 30) the innovative tale about a man who wakes up to a world that is out of kilter and he’s the only one in it, Phaseland.

NOTE: Click on each written title for detailed descriptions of each production.

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