The Party Of Three

GENRE: Dramedy.

STATUS: Script in development.

LOGLINE: Three high school friends reunite for one night of reliving good old times and find that that their political affiliations – one is a democrat, another a republican, and the third a libertarian – turns their pleasant reunion into a heated debate.

COMPANY NOTES: Inspired by what was likely the most contentious political election in American history, the 2016 presidential election, this story hopes to explain what are the common beliefs and platforms of three political parties in an entertaining manner. This is projected to be a dialogue driven movie shot in a single location (a restaurant) and featuring three actors and an off screen waiter. As the men work their way through drinks, appetizers, entrees, and dessert, the heat builds up to a tantalizing conclusion.


We follow a man as he approaches the back of a restaurant where in a dimly lit booth sits two other men, high school friends all deciding to have a mini-reunion after 15 years. The men stand and greet each other and cajole each other about their looks and their habits and then sit down. The partial body of a waiter appears on screen and his voice tells them about the specials for the night before asking if they would like to start out with drinks, which they do.

Three cold beer, isolated on white

The first portion of the movie takes place over drinks and is spent sharing each other’s history which includes their jobs and families and comments about their favorite sports teams. But when their salads arrive the first turning point happens when the topic of discussion turns to the recently completed presidential election and each discloses who they voted for and to what political party they are aligned with, where we learn that one is a republican, one is a democrat, and one is a libertarian.


The friendly debate continues through the beginning of their entrees but then it turns heated. And as their differences become more acute they are related to past deeds for which each have not apologized. By the time the waiter collects their half finished plates the mood is no longer jovial and half of the talk is spent trying to out talk and out argue each other. At different times, depending on the topic at hand, two of the men agree and gang up on the third, and another topic has two others ganging up on a third. By the time the waiter returns for orders of dessert and coffee the men have exploded and silence prevails.


Dessert brings about a kind of agree to disagree environment and attempts at reconciliation are prevented by hurt feelings and feelings of betrayal. But cooler heads ultimately prevail by the time they get to paying their bills and as they slide out of the booth and leave together hope prevails that their friendship will return.


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