Pure Grit

Pure Grit

GENRE: Drama.

STATUS: Script still needs to be developed.

LOGLINE: The true story of the courage and sacrifice of 77 nurses in WWII who spent three years in a POW camp in the Philippines as prisoners of the Japanese.

COMPANY NOTES: Pure Grit is an amazing story of these brave women’s survival as described by the author and told through diaries, documents and rare historical photos. As one book review notes*, “This little known story of courage and sacrifice will renew your faith in the resilience of the human mind, body and spirit. Filmmaker Jon Brekke went to college with the author, Mary Cronk Farrell, and has received verbal approval to eventually write the script. The book is available for purchase online by clicking here.

*Other complete reviews of this great book can be found at: goodreads, Kirkus Reviews, Truthout, Patricia Hruby Powell, The Children’s War (which includes the video book trailer edited by Monica Farrell that appears below).

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