LegacyVision Films

For Those Who Want Their Story Turned Into A Movie

LegacyVision Films produces movies for people who have a vision of a story they feel compelled to leave behind as their legacy. In essence, the filmmakers turn the movie-making process around. Instead of courting people who would invest in the filmmakers’ stories, they desire these same people to be their clients and make movies out of the stories that the clients have always envisioned making. Support and direction is given to the client throughout the entire movie-making process; from developing the story into a script, through preparing the shooting schedule, through principal photography, through editing the movie in post-production, and finally, to distributing the movie through a variety of avenues. LegacyVision Films seeks those passionate few who harbor an obsession of seeing the story they have always dreamed of becoming a movie, become just that. In other words, turning their story into their movie!

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