A Database To Bring Writers And Producers Together

ForesT maintains a database of screenplay synopses reflecting original movie scripts (167 to date) of every genre, which could be utilized to create a new movie. It is possible to produce any of these scripts as originally written, or, to use the script as a basic story template which can then be revised into an entirely new and unique movie. This is with the understanding that some scripts have already been produced. Listed below, in alphabetical order, are synopses of every script in the ForesT database. Genres for the scripts are indicated by codes listed next to each title. Refer to the table below for a description of the genre codes. Writers interested in participating in the database or producers interested in purchasing a script that is described in the database can do so by contacting Yellow Brick Studio, the parent company of ForesT, by clicking here. Negotiations for the sale of any script described in the database are handled independently between the writer(s) and producer(s).

Code Genre Code Genre Code Genre Code Genre
A Animation CR Crime & Gangster H Horror & Monster SF Science Fiction & Fantasy
AA Action & Adventure D Drama M Musicals & Dance SP Sports
B Biographical Picture DO Documentary R Romance & Love Story T Thriller & Mystery
C Comedy F Family Entertainment S Short Film W War Or Western
An additional code of “P” denotes that the script has already been produced into a movie or a short film. This does not mean it is not available for sale. All persons attached to any script, and their respective roles, are identified at the end of each synopsis. As a point of note, consultants were instrumental in some form or at some level towards the development of the script and business associates are attached to the script in some business and/or legal capacity (although not necessarily in a formal business and/or legal arrangement with YBS). All writers are business associates. Decisions involving the usage, option, or sale of any script, require the approval of all writers and business associates.