The Advantages Of The Screenplay Synopsis Database


NUMBERS ATTRACT: There is much truth to the idiom, “There is strength in numbers.” Used to describe how a group of people has more influence or power than one person, it is the reason why political parties, labor unions, armies, tribes, and even gangs come to be created. As a generality, people are attracted to numbers, to a plurality of anything which tends to stand out because of its total volume, as opposed to singular items that do not stand out because of its singleness. Hence, by listing their script synopsis as part of the ForesT screenplay database, a writer may have a slightly greater chance of being seen by occasional site visitors, who will be attracted to the fact that at one onsite location, a bevy of script ideas can be viewed.

ECONOMIC SENSE: The fact is most screenwriters have not written more than a few screenplays. Many have written just one. That one script that reflects the great story that they poured their heart and soul into to write. So for the typical screenwriter, promoting their script online seems like a good idea until they realize the costs for building their own website – purchasing a domain name, paying for a hosting company, and buying a web content management system – doesn’t seem cost beneficial given there may be just a few scripts to promote, and that these costs will have to be renewed, at least annually. Instead, by becoming part of the ForesT database, a screenwriter can publicize their scripts at no cost at all.

SCRIPT SECURITY: All writers are concerned about protecting their intellectual properties. They must balance their desire for promoting their scripts while at the same time assuring that those they share their scripts with do not end up stealing their story or even the script itself. ForesT screenplays understands this. No, it doesn’t operate an escrow service between writers and any interested producer, but it also doesn’t get in between either party by requiring that scripts be submitted in order to appear in the database. In fact, the only thing that is listed is the synopsis itself, and whether or not a script is shared with anyone is a decision left solely with the writer. Then, only if a sale results, does the writer pay a finder’s fee of 5%.

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