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Originally created as part of YBS’s concept of developing its LegacyVision Films, where prewritten screenplays could be used by people who wanted to make their own movies by either producing these scripts as written or using them as a template to create new stories, the descriptions of these screenplays increased such that a new service evolved – the promotion of script synopses to connect writers to producers!

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Complete with thumbnails of images that represent each script, written overview synopses that describe each script, a listing of the writer(s) and business associates who contributed to each script, the complete database of screenplay synopses number more than 150, and are organized alphabetically with the descriptions also providing each screenplay’s movie genre, page length, and the year it was written!

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First, being part of a larger group of story ideas increases the chances of being discovered. Second, creating a website to promote one’s script costs money, while being a part of the database is free. Lastly, the script itself is not required. If there is any interest, the writer is notified and put in touch with the other party and they negotiate independently. Only if a sale results does the writer pay a finder’s fee of 5%!

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