Yellow Brick Studio (YBS) is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) incorporated in the State of Hawaii for the purposes of film and video production. Established in 2014, it is associated with four (4) unique and creative ventures, two (numbers 1 & 4 to follow) of which it owns and administers, and two others (numbers 2 & 3 to follow) for which it promotes and assists in various capacities. Accordingly, YBS: 1) produces LegacyVision Films, which are customized independent movies made for investors who feel compelled to produce a film that is meaningful to them that can be left as their legacy; 2) promotes Soul Sessions USA, which are television programs featuring music videos filmed to showcase the hidden gems of the music industry who may be flying under the radar today but may be tomorrow's stars; 3) assists with 5miles, which are marketing videos produced in a storytelling fashion that bring out the true essence of businesses and organizations; and 4) provides Serenergy, an online streaming video on demand (VOD) platform website for independent filmmakers to post, as well as sell, their creative work at no financial risk.

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