Video Duration:1 Minute2 Minutes3 MinutesCustomized
Shoot Time:2 Hours3 Hours4 HoursVaries

  • All prices are based on shoots on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and are subject to additional Hawaii state sales tax.
  • Film shoot generally ranges from two to four hours and possibly more depending on the length and context of the desired video.
  • Professional editing with music.
  • Video delivered in 30 days.
  • Video can be used on all desired websites and/or social media.
  • Video can also be used in a promotional email campaign (see Optional Email Services) for an added fee.

Video Examples

Following below are three examples of varying lengths which were produced in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Honolulu, respectively, by Jon Brekke, the creator of 5miles. The first video appearing below, narrated in Cantonese, promotes the restaurant Old Beijing, which serves authentic imperial Chinese cuisine and is located in Hong Kong.



Following below is a video, narrated by actor Tyson Suzuki, of Downtown Los Angeles, or simply DTLA, which is a hip and historic district offering big-city excitement with trendy restaurants, cultural attractions, budget-friendly shopping, and major-league sports. Easily accessible by Metro and perhaps one of the most pedestrian-friendly urban neighborhoods in Los Angeles, DTLA features a multitude of cultural offerings such as regular art walks and street festivals, as well as innovative businesses that include indoor/outdoor markets, hip boutiques, and pop-ups.



Following below is a video of one of Honolulu’s finest restaurants, Lucky Belly! Located in the heart of Chinatown’s art district, it features Asian and Hawaii regional cuisine, for which they are mostly known for their ramen, which is comprised of a tonkotsu and miso based broth, but offer much more. A few other iconic staples are their Pork Belly Bao with sake hoisin sauce, Lobster Shu Mai with scallops and shrimp and their Oxtail Dumpling stuffed in a tapioca wrap with a sweet soy glaze.



Jon Brekke, who currently resides in Los Angeles, is available to service clients in the Southern California area. He also maintains contacts in Hawaii and Hong Kong. Hence he is able to organize video shoots for companies and organizations in those areas as well. Production footage can subsequently be edited by him no matter where he resides. For those interested, they can contact Jon directly through his personal website.

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